Sunday, November 23, 2008

Senior Prom

Braquel preparing for Prom
Of course, we had a houseful of guests here watching the BYU vs Utah game. It didn't make preparing for prom easy. However....

Her best friend was here, lending support, even though she hadn't been asked to Prom.
Gotta love her!!

Her date was Tyler. He is in our ward. Can you believe she is wearing 4 in heels.

She's a beauty!!

We slipped in to the library took pictures and got them out the door, before any of the guests could give them a hard time. We are good!!!


Nana Lacey said...

She is beautiful as always. I like the way they coordinated so well with their clothes. I miss those days with my girls home.

BARBARA said...


LoGunns said...

Oh so beautiful! She is the perfect girl:)

Bryan said...

He looks like a cool guy Braquel. He kind of reminds me of Bobbi Burnett.

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