Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Wonderland in Diamond Valley

A lot of kids have stayed home from school to play in the snow with their 4 wheelers and snow mobiles. Yesterday, kids were playing in the neighbors yard with their 4 wheeler and slammed into our brick wall and busted out some bricks. Kids sure have fun!!! They were lucky they didn't get hurt.


dixie said...

Hi Deonna,
New Mexico didn't that much snow. We waited and waited, but just dry little flurries.
Your blog is wonderful. I just got your Christmas card and looked you up. Boston and Echo both have blogs and I love to look at them. I have not entered into the blogging world. I am kind of afraid of the responsibility!!
I will have 2 new grandchildren Bossy in March and Echo in June. Life is great isn't it!!!
Miss you guys!

Half of the Style Sisters said...

I am so glad to re-connect with you! I loved your Christmas card and I am so glad you included your blog address. Looks like you are having fun being a grandma and I love your home. I will be a grandma in February. Madeline is having a girl! I can't wait. I only wished I lived closer to them. Let's keep in touch and check out my blog when you get a chance.
Miss you and take care,

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