Sunday, June 7, 2009

30th Anniversary

Well, we choose our favorite thing to do together. We went on a hike that took us 5 hours. We were on trails for most of the way, but you know Bruce, he had to blaze his own trail for a little ways, and that ways was straight up. I got a big panicky at one point worrying that I might have to go down what I was just climbing up. But like usual Bruce got me home safe with just a little adventure. It was breath taking views. As we topped the mountain with the newly blazed trail, we could see Diamond valley off in the distance and between us was Snow Canyon. What a sight. Latter that evening we stayed at home and had our favorite dinner of barbecued shrimp with a fruit salad and beet greens. We must be getting old!!! Then we watched a Jane Austin movie "Persuasion" Now you know Bruce is growing old, because he actually enjoyed watching it with me.
Life and Marriage have struggles, but from those struggles can come great things, if we let the Lord work with us and teach us and help us grow together. Every anniversary just gets better and better. We can't imagine life any better then we have it right now. I hope all my kids can experience love like this. But they will have to give it 30 years.


LoGunns said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Jenks Family said...

Happy Anniversary! That's so neat - 30 years!!!

Jennica said...

Wow I didn't know it's been 30 years for you guys Congrats! I love the kitchen sink in your garden what a great idea. Everything looks amazing.

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