Friday, October 17, 2008

Keeping the Home Front Warm

Cutting wood for the winter, is work, but also fun. Bruce got a new chain saw and boy can he get a tree down and chopped up fast now.

Braquel and I would then throw the wood into the trailor. It really stinks when you miss and you have to pick it up again and toss. We got to be pretty good aims.

Here he goes again

View of Pine Valley Mountain.

Can't believe we filled the trailor full. The more hands the quicker it goes. Bruce and I usually go by ourselves, but Braquel really added some great help.

View of the valley below.

The trailor we used was a dump trailor, so we just dumped it. Now we have to go stack it all. Anyone want some great exercise and help us out. Come on over..

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LoGunns said...

Nice work! I wish I had a fireplace. And I wish the burnetts would always keep my firewood stocked for me.

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